Terms & conditions

  1. All materials, parts, equipment and systems supplied and or installed remain the property of Qld Shade until full payment is made.
  2. A 50% deposit is required on acceptance of any quote and or service with value exceeding $3000.00.
  3. Any cancellation made by the owner with notice of seven days or less before the booking date could occur a $300.00 restocking fee and admin charge.
  4. All payments must be made within seven days of date on invoice unless otherwise stated on invoice. If full payment has not been made within the allocated time frame a 7% per week interest will be charged as well as an $88.00 weekly admin fee until full payment is made, unless other terms have been agreed to by Qld Shade management.
  5. For contracts exceeding the time period of 30 days, a claim will be made  by Qld Shade for payment of a progress amount, as due on terms of invoice, with not more than one claim per calendar month.
  6. Full unrestricted access is to be made available to Qld Shade to the area where the works are to be completed.  We hold the right to postpone the job or to request reimbursement for lost time in making an area accessible.
  7. All permits and permission from Council, Landlords, Body Corporate, Heritage Commission or any similar governing body are the responsibility of the client to obtain. Qld Shade holds no  responsibility for work carried out that does not meet the requirements of other parties.
  8. Any damage or loss of materials, parts, equipment or systems stolen or otherwise remains the liability of the client after delivery to site, whether the item has been installed, is in storage or is in the process of being installed unless a representative of Qld Shade causes the damage.
  9. All storage and space requirements to store materials, parts, equipment and systems is the responsibility of the client unless otherwise stated. Qld Shade takes no responsibility for any goods after delivery to site, replacement items will be re ordered at further cost to the client.
  10. Power, water and amenities are to be provided by the client at a reasonable distance from point of work.  Qld Shade requires a 240volt power feed no more than 25 meters from point of work.
  11. Qld Shade if turned away or unable to access the area to be worked in, for any reason is not liable to return to complete work at a later date. Client may also be charged for work completed or full price of job if a substantial amount of work is completed. For an extra charge the client may request Qld Shade returns at a more convenient time.
  12. Qld Shade does not hold any liability for any damage or loss of property or life due to misuse, tampering or alteration of any item Qld Shade supplies or installs.
  13. Qld Shade holds the right to stop completely or postpone work if any unsafe or dangerous situations are discovered while work is being undertaken on client’s property. Client may be liable for costs incurred for works completed at time of stoppage, client may also be liable for costs to rectify problem and any additional labour costs.
  14. Qld Shade has the right to postpone and rebook work if rain or weather does not permit work to be completed in a safe manner at no cost to customers in the local area or Brisbane.

Our blinds are made square and must be fitted level, Any gaps caused by fall in roof or concrete slabs are sometimes unavoidable. Qld shade will not be held responsible for these occurrences.
Infill panels can be quoted after installation if required.

No electrical work is carried out by Qld shade, electrical is the sole responsibility of the owner after the blinds are installed